Holy Trinity's monastery at Sparmos

This monastery is situated on the south-west side of mount Olympus near the village of Sparmos. It was renovated in 1633. At first, it belonged to the episcopacy of Petra but later on it was directly under the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

It flourished in the 18th century and made a large fortune. Its brotherhood consisted of approximately 150 monks while it also employed staff. The monastery has been an educational and cultural centre for many bishops, scholars and masters including Ionas Sparmiotis, Daniil from Tsaritsani, Germanos Sparmiotis and Germanos Kritikos.

The monastery contributed to the prosperity of the School of Tsaritsani and had a large library with rare manuscripts that nowadays can be found at the Monastery of Olympiotissa at Elassona. The architectural style of the monastery is typical to the Byzantine one. There is a rectangular precinct in which the cells, the altar, the warehouses and Saint Haralambos’ chapel are located while a basilica with a narthex is situated in the middle. Wallpaintings decorate its interior. The Holy Trinity’s portable icon was made between 1835 and 1838 and its metallic cover was made at Tsaritsani in 1841.

However, damages were caused to it by sacrilegious persons during the German occupation.

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