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Winter Tourism - Ski. Mount Olympus is not a tourist attraction only for climbers and lovers of nature. Every year a lot of skiers enjoy the magic of nature and the services provided at its modern ski resorts.

Prefecture: Larissa
Mountain: Olympus
Area: Vrissopoules
Number of descent tracks:5
Hypsometrical difference:530 m
Number of sliding lifts:2
Length: 2,100m

It is located inside the K.E.O.A.X installations.
A special permit is required for foreigners and is granted by the 2nd GES/EA of Holargos.

For further information:
H.O.S of Elassona
Central Square
40200 Elassona

The ski resort of Elassona
There is an Olympus ski resort at Elassona. The slopes of mount Olympus from Kallipefki and Karia to Kokinopilo constitute the best natural grounds for mountain ski that cater for all tastes even of the skiers that are hard to please.

At this ski resort, ski- races are held including the
Pan-Hellenic ski-race in which foreign athletes participate, too.

Access: 40 km away from Elassona, 20 km away from Olympiada. Communication with Olympiada is also available.
There is also a parking place.
Snowfalls: From December to March.
Altitude: 2,450 m is the upper altitude while 1,900m is the lowest one.
Number of ski grounds: 1
Infrastructures: There is one lift at 1,140 m above
sea-level for 850 persons an hour. There are neither schools of ski nor ski equipment to let.

For further information call number 2493022261.

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