A Journey from Vrissopoules To Agios Antonios and Mitikas

Tourists can travel by car on an earth-road via Olympiada from Elassona in order to get to the mount refuge at Vrissopoules at 1,800 m above sea-level. Visitors can also arrive at Agios Antonios foot, at 2,815 m above sea-level after a one hour and a half walk from Vrissopoules and the gates of the ski resort.

The pass is situated north of Agios Antonios. Climbers can climb to the top where they find the peak of Skolio at 2,911 m above sea-level beyond which the peak of Skala (2,866 m) is situated. 30 minutes away from the ridge of Kakoskala, Mitikas which is the top of mount Olympus, is located at 2,917 m above sea-level.

During this journey tourists can enjoy the beauty of an alpine landscape. Besides the terrific alpine landscape, the legendary top of mount Olympus known as Stephani of Zeus’ throne as well as the amazing view from the top are among the tourist attractions worth visiting. The hospice located in the installations of the camp KEOAZ, at 1,800 m above sea-level, can accommodate up to 60 persons.

It also offers facilities such as a fireplace, stoves, electricity and drinkable water.
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