Megalobriso (Nivoliani)

The village is situated on the south-east slopes of mount Kissavos, 600 metres above sea level and belongs to the Municipality of Agia. Its inhabitants deal in agriculture, cattle-breeding and arboriculture. On the 20th and 27th July, the village celebrates in a traditional way at Prophet Elijah’s and Saint Panteleimono’s country churches respectively. Moreover, the “Eastern fête” (“Paschalogiorta”) is also very interesting.

The fountain “Big Fountain” (“Megali Vrissi”) irrigates and supplies the whole settlement. More particularly, it is situated in a region particularly picturesque overgrown with maple trees, 200 m away from the settlement. The spot of “Karaouli” offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea, of the plain of Agia, of mount Mavrovouni, of mount Pilio, of the Thessalian plain, of the Sporades islands and of mount Athos, too.

It is worth mentioning the monastery dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin that dates from the 13th century and was restored in 1639 as well as the churches dedicated to the worship of Saint Athanasios, Saint Georgios and Saint Dimitrios.

Megalovriso is a traditional settlement. Many of its houses have remained unalterable by the wear and tear of time since local builders from Epirus combined stone and wood in a unique manner.

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