Melivia is a picturesque village that was first inhabited between 1425 and 1455. ‘Thanatos’ which in Greek means death or ‘ Horion thanatou’ (village of death) have been its most ancient names while later on it is also referred to as “Athanati” which in Greek means immortal.

However, its name of today, Melivia, has been known since 1920.The village became famous thanks to its local products of wine and silk.

Nowadays, its visitors can seek the tranquility of the countryside and reach the desired peace of mind.
In summer, a large part of the village population moves to the beach settlements where its inhabitants deal in tourism which seems to be a promising sector of the village economy.

In earlier times, one of the main occupations of its population was silkworm breeding, a thriving industry that also exported its produce to Austrian factories.

In the harvest time of chestnuts, a chestnut festival takes place while a lot of growers and merchants take part in it.



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